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The facial recognition entry feature is fully integrated within the TMAC system and includes many features, using the DSS Express software, it allows you to manage the traffic in and out of buildings. 

key features of facial recognition

  • Visitor sign in with DSS Express
  • Manage the duration of a visitors visit 
  • Take facial captures of visitors to recognise individuals 
  • Has the ability to hold 100,000 users, face images, cards and passwords on it’s database
  • Measure individual temperatures 
  • Set rules including mask detection
  • Control who can access the building 

contactless control!

The facial recognition technology allows you to manage the flow of people in and out of buildings without having to come into contact with individuals. 

How does it work? 
Using the DSS Express Software, you simply take a screen shot of the visitor. You then have the ability to set rules  such as, the duration of their visit which will then only grant access within the allotted time given. 

The Thermal Access Solution will do the rest. Fully integrated, the system will then recognise the individual and take an accurate reading of their temperature (accurate up to 0.3ºC) which will then display on screen. 

The solution can also be easily linked to an entry system/door, allowing you to automatically grant or deny access depending on your pre-set temperature threshold. As well as that, it supports mask detection, having the option to engage an alarm if the subject is not wearing a visible mask.