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Network security

Best Practice for Creating a More Secure System

From mandatory and advisory setting changes, through to firmware upgrades, the information contained in this section is invaluable in helping to keep your system secure.

Mandatory actions to be taken

Change Passwords and Use Strong Passwords - More info
This should go without saying, but the number one reason a system becomes compromised is due to weak or default passwords. We recommend never using a default password and choosing a strong password whenever possible. A strong password is at least 8 characters and is made up of a combination of special characters, numbers and upper & lower case letters.

Update Firmware - More info
As standard procedure, we recommend keeping your NVR, DVR and IP camera firmware up-to-date to ensure the system includes the latest security patches. You can check the firmware release via your devices menu. To check for firmware updates and for instructions on how to upgrade your device, see our Upgrading Your Firmware page.

Want to improve your network security?

These documents have been created to help & advise you on how to create a more secure network...

Use P2P - More info 

Change Default HTTP and TCP Ports - More info 

Enable IP Filter - More info 

Change ONVIF Password - More info 

Limit Features of Guest Accounts - More info 

Disable UPNP - More info 

Physically Lock Down the Device - More info 

Connect IP Cameras to the PoE Ports on the Back of an NVR - More info 

Isolate NVR and IP Camera Network - More info 

Update Firmware - More info 

Changing password - More info


COP UK Cyber Security Best Practices Brochure - Download